Will Colorado Springs Start Pitbull Ban?

An attack on a 64-year-old man earlier this month in Colorado Springs sparked talk of a city-wide ban of pitbulls. Denver, Aurora and Castle Rock are a few of the cities that have already banned the breed. City Councilman Richard Skorman in Colorado Springs wants to see a ban, but not everyone feels a ban of pitbulls is the best solution. Ann Hagerty of the Pikes Peak Humane Society believes that the problem lies in owner responsibility. She does not feel that a pitbull ban is a logical solution to the problem.

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For those of you who own or want to own a pitbull, please be responsible. Learn as much as you can about how to properly care for the breed so that they can be enjoyed rather than banned. Check out our Pitbull Information page for resources about caring for pitbulls.


At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a survivor of a pitbull attack. I can tell you these animals have no place in our society. The dog was known to me, never fought or abused in any way. You do not have to teach a Bloodhound to track, or a Pointer to point, it is in the dog. Pitbulls are bred to fight, it is in the dog. Yes, all breeds of dog have bitten at some point or another, however, pitbulls dog not aim to disable or to hurt, they aim to kill as quickly as possible. They do not bite your hand or leg, they go directly for the throat. The dog that attacked me, licked my face the same day. I was attacked while I was sitting in a chair watching television. I'd say that was pretty unprovoked.
If you buy and own a pitbull, you are and should be held responsible for any damage they inflict upon society.
Saddly, many people are willing to risk injury to their neighbors than admit they may be wrong about their 'sweet dog'.

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Stacie said...

Pitbulls may have been bred to fight, but they were bred to fight other dogs whereas German Shepherds have been trained and bred to attack humans. Do you also feel that these dogs have no place in society? Or is it just pitbulls you don't like. I've even seen trained police dogs attack a news person doing an interview on the dog. Was the dog put to sleep? No, the person was blamed for touching the wrong part of the dog.

I do agree that people who own pitbulls need to take responsibility for their dog. I also believe that those in contact with the dog need to be responsible as well. Don't provoke the dog. I know you didn't, but some people do, then cry when they get attacked. That's not right either.

At 6:21 AM, Blogger Eric Boyer said...

I think we have to remember that dogs are just dogs, you know? Any dog, any size, any breed, is capable of being aggressive, or attacking, or "turning on you" no matter how many years of training it has had. I am a proud pitbull owner and I also have small dogs. I've never had a problem with my pit but I have been bitten by the little one. I just think it's unfair to ban a breed of dog when there is no law against owning animals that you just can't tame like tiger's.

At 6:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think a breed should be banned..a ban on aggressive animals..yes...but not on a breed.

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if we are gonna start banning specific breeds of dogs, can we ban specific races of people? A lot more people are attacked by Blacks, Whites, Asians, Etc. than Pitbulls, So lets ban some people and let the dogs stay!

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Brina said...

I think it is very wrong to ban pitbulls i think if a dog shows agrssions or attacks someone it should be put down but a BREED should not be ban as the saying sayds


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