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Mahoe's Blue Pitbull Males

Name: Mahoe's Mana Loa (right)
Birthdate: May 17, 2006
Sire:  Mikeland's Blue Gator (Son of Notorious Juan Gotti)
Dam:  Mikeland's Sammara

Available for Stud. More pictures of him up on our blog and also on Mahoe's Mana Loa Page.  

Contact us for more information on using Mana Loa for stud. 
Blue pitbull male Mahoe's Mana Loa
View Mana Loa's Website
***Now Open for Stud***

Name: Mahoe's Hey Lil Fella
Birthdate: September 21, 2007
Sire: Ultimate Blues Sargent
Dam: Saptiva

Notes: Short/Stocky male bully lover's can't get enough of.  
Ganghis Kon/Razor's Edge male - shown at 9 months.

See More Pics...

Ganghis Kon Pitbull Mahoe's Lil Fella
***Open for Stud***

$1500 for a limited time

Name: Mahoe's Moose Kealoha
Birthdate: October 8, 2007
Sire: Geronimo (Juan Gotty Son)
Dam: Kealoha's Niki (Monster Daughter)
View Pedigree

Notes: Solid Gotty Male out of Pacific Pitbull Kennels, Moose is a great addition to our yard.  Pictured at 16 months (right).
See More Pics...

Juan Gotty Grandson Mahoe's Moose Kealoha
Name: Nalu Boy
Birthdate: August 2004
Sire:  'PR' Polu Boy (Bojangles)
Dam:  'PR' Hawaiian Angel (Sierra/Gaff)

Notes:  Nalu Boy is a male from the same litter as Elekoni.  He's a nicely built pitbull with a well proportioned body.  His markings are very similar to his father's.

Click image to enlarge.
Blue Pitbull Male Nalu
Name: Squirt
Birthdate: August 2004
Sire:  'PR' Polu Boy (Bojangles)
Dam:  'PR' Hawaiian Angel (Sierra/Gaff)

Notes:  Squirt was one of the white males with blue markings from Angel and Polu's first litter. He is a house dog in New Jersey and, like Elekoni, is bigger than his sire. Squirt lives in a house that has 5 children and he is great with them all. Picture taken November 2005. Click to enlarge.
Blue pitbull male Squirt
Blue Pitbull Male Polu Boy Name: Polu Boy (Bojangles)
Birthdate: August 2003
Sire: 'PR' Alicia's Buster Boy
Dam: 'PR' Winston's Kida

Notes:  This short, stocky male looks fierce, but has a great temperment.  Our kids love to play with him and he's great at fetch!

Click image to enlarge.

Polu Boy - You'll be missed!
Blue Pitbull Male Mahoe's Elekoni Name: Mahoe's Elekoni
Birthdate: August 2004
Sire: 'PR' Polu Boy (Bojangles)
Dam: 'PR' Hawaiian Angel (Sierra/Gaff)

We miss you!

Pictured to the right at 2 years old. More pics of Koni: Koni's Page, Gallery.

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