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Blue Pitbull Puppy Pictures

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No puppies available at this time.

  Pups shown below are from our last litter ~ Mana Loa (Gotty) and Liilii (Razor's/Sierra) breeding.

Pups Arrived on August 23rd, 2008. Click on any image below to enlarge.

pitbull puppies picture - female
Females - Black and White

female pitbull puppies
The Brownies (one male, one female)

pitbull puppy picture - male
Brown Male

female pitbull puppies
The Special One - Mini Lii

pitbull puppy picture - 3 days old
The Gang at 3 days old

male and female pitbull puppies
Female (left) and Male (right)

male pitbull puppies
Males - mostly black

black pitbull puppies - males
The Boyz again

black and white pitbull puppies - females
Black and White Girls

female pitbull puppy
The only one this color - female

Make a Deposit to Reserve a Pick Now. Deposits are non-refundable. If you choose to make a deposit, you MUST be ready to make your pick on the day of the FIRST showing.

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